Are you looking to build a website? It can definitely be a terrifying thought, especially when you’re not techy. But don’t worry, Top Left Media is here to help! We’re a Toronto web design agency and we provide services for every step of the way! At Top Left Media we focus on your education so you can become self-sufficient and edit sites on your own! That’s why even though we’re a web design agency we thought we’d equip you with the basics of web design with this awesome guide!

Intro to Web Design

This web design guide is useful for users of all ages and skill levels. But web design can get confusing at times so if you’d rather have us build your site we’d be more than happy to! Just give us a call and we’ll set you up with a quote that works within your budget!

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But if you want to do it by yourself, then please continue to follow our step by step guide on how to make a website.

The Ultimate Top Left Media’s Web Design Guide

Here is an overview from start to finish of all the web design steps we’ll walk you through in this guide.

Part One: Website Fundamentals
  • How to find and register a domain name for free
  • Choosing the best web hosting
  • How to install WordPress
  • Installing a template to change your site’s design
  • Creating pages in WordPress
  • Customizing WordPress with addons and extensions
  • Resources to learn WordPress and get support
  • Taking it further, building websites with more features

Getting overwhelmed?

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